One of my faithful readers, Gerhard, sent me a story that, to my mind, ought to be widely known. When the limeys kicked out Winston Churchill, once WW2 was finished, the old boy did quite a lot of travelling but as he was not at all keen on flying he went by ship, preferentially in Italian liners. When a journalist asked him why he didn’t use the British Cunard Line ships he explained: “Well, you see, young fellow, on board the Italian ships the food and wine is far superior and more important still, in case of a mishap, the Italians don’t hold with that silly notion of ‘women and children first”.

I do believe that story to be true because he was utterly ruthless where lives, other than his own, were concerned. It seems astounding that people like him get elected to lead ’democracies’ year after year, century after century. They lie, steal, fornicate, kill and lead basically peaceful people into wars under patriotic slogans.

As I spent most of this week in my wood workshop I’ll leave you for now. I did notice, however, that our prize weeping mad clown has a lot of pals amongst the crooks and bandits at their annual celebration at Davos. Those Swiss, they manage to make money out of any rubbish. Our prez is there also, a prize for economics is not excluded although without a shake or Shaik he could not run a household with only one wifey.

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