Steel's Elements of Mastmaking Sailmaking & Rigging

This copy is from the 1794 edition with an introduction by Claude D Gill ( Master Mariner) and published by W. & G. Foyle, Ltd., Charing Cross Road, London, W.C.2. 1932

With Fifty-nine Folding and other Plates drawn to scale, illustrating the Masts, Sails, Yards, etc., for every Class of Vessel from the Full-Rigged Ship to the Ship´s Boat, including the progressive method of Rigging Ships, and an illustrated Section describing the Foreign Rigs.

Condition of book : Blue canvas bound, darker on spine. Gilded title and top of pages. Slight browning on cover and back page and a little breakage between title and picture page (SCIENTIA NAVALIS VENTORIUM MARISQUE DOMINATRIX). Otherwise the book is in excellent … more

Steel´s Elements of Mastmaking Sailmaking & Rigging
ZAR 25.000.00 [includes packaging and postage]


Sailing Ship Rigs & Rigging

With authentic plans of famous vessels of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.
Illustrations and plans by the author.

Nautical Press
Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd., Nautical Publishers
52 Darnley Street
First edition 1938
Reprinted 1969

Condition : Immaculate blue canvas cover on hardback with gilded title on spine. The dustcover is somewhat shop soiled but intact.

Harold had a great understanding of traditional craft and a fine draughtsman to make clear the functioning of these ships. He was a great help when I had to decide what kind of rig to put on my ‘Artemis’

Sailing Ship Rigs & Rigging
ZAR 500.00 [includes packaging and postage]


Sail Training and Cadet Ships

With Illustrations and Plans

Nautical Press
Brown, Son & Ferguson, Ltd., Nautical Publishers
52 to 58 Darnley Street
First edition 1956
Reprinted 1973

Condition : Green canvas cover on hardback with worn gilded title. Some insect damage on back pocket holding plans, plans are fine. Good condition.

This book carries many excellent photographs of famous barks and square ships, quite a few still exist. Some vessels live longer than humans if well looked after. In order to rig my vessel properly I needed these books to saturate my mind with plans, drawings and photos of well-built and successful sailing vessels.

Sail Training and Cadet Ships
ZAR 1.200.00 [includes packaging and postage]


The Merchant Schooners

Basil Greenhill
Volume two

David & Charles : Newton Abbot : Devon
First published 1951
This Edition 1968

Condition : Green canvas cover on hardback with gilded title on spine. Dustcover pretty fair. Book is in fine shape.

The Merchant Schooners
ZAR 1.000.00 [includes packaging and postage]


Droit Maritime

Georges Ripert
Membre de l´Institut, ancien doyen de la Faculté de Droit de Paris

Quatrième Edition
Tome Premier

Tome Second
Crédit Maritime-Fortune de Mer-Transport Maritime

Tome Troisième
Abordage et Assistance-Avaries Communes-Assurances Maritimes

Editions Rousseau et Cie, 14 rue Soufflot- Paris (Ve) 1950

Mise a Jour au 1er Avril 1963
par R. Rodière, Professeur de Droit Maritime

Librairie Dalloz, 11 rue Soufflot- Paris (Ve)

Condition : Ce sont des livres français typiques de l´époque, en papier et avec des pages qu ‘il fallait couper. Je n´ai pas coupé toutes les pages. Couleur de la couverture bleu a l´origine, pale marron maintenant. Toutes les tomes en bon état.

Droit Maritime
ZAR 3.000.00 [includes packaging and postage]


Dixon Kemp's Manual

Dixon Kemp´s book is one of those masterpieces you seldom come across. I wonder how many years it took him to get all that immaculate information together. Even in our computer age with software to produce plans and drawings I don´t think such a work could be produced in 5 years. In english I can´t even find a decent word for such a task, the french have a good word although I´m not convinced they work any harder than the limeys. ‘Oeuvre’ is their word and it describes much better the interminable task that Dixon accomplished to get that vast amount of information in such a neat bookform. Twenty years is my guess.

The first book is descriptive, well-written in concise language with many illustrations and I can´t even begin to tell you what´s inside these almost 800 pages printed on fine paper. I´ve had this book for about forty years and every time I open it(carefully) I seem to find something I hadn´t seen before. I had a good laugh this morning when I saw the price Dixon quoted for a 1000ton three-masted steamyacht. Yes that´s right, a one thousand ton steamyacht with bloody great masts and square-sails. We all know that our pounds, dollars, francs and guilders have gone for a shit over the last hundred years but in Dixon´s book you can see the proof thereof. I´ll show you a picture of page 387, as neat a drawing of a fine looking craft as you´ll ever see … more

Dixon Kemp’s Manual
ZAR 18.000.00 [includes packaging and postage]


Architectura Navalis Mercatoria Chapman

This book is for the connoisseurs. Written by Fredrik Henrik af Chapman in Sweden it proved to the world that ship construction had become a science and was no more a building process that went from father to son. I´ll tell you later why I don´t quite agree with that, all the same, the book is a classic on 18th cent. ship-wrighting.

Originally it was published in 1768 in swedish, then in later years translated in french, english and german . My edition was printed in Rostock, Germany in 1972 and I found it in a shop in Thisted, Denmark when my ship was in Ole Klemme´s excellent shipyard to have square yards fitted and the whole family was having a fine holiday there. I had to work but I didn´t mind.

Architectura Navalis Mercatoria

The drawings in this book of all kinds of craft are exquisite, how the man arrived to portray ¾ views of ship´s hulls remains a mystery to me.

This edition is in german and apart from a few unimportant spots is in fine condition in its tan linen hardcover. The 62 folding plates are immaculate, the paper dustcover is a bit worn but has well protected the book during the forty years I owned it.


I now come back to my slight disagreement with ship building as a science. I once knew a fellow in Bretagne, France who was an instinctive shipwright. Without any education he built the finest fishing boats and small sailing craft for more than fifty years. Find out more about Auguste Tertu in the latter part of my book Ocean Advocate.

Architectura Navalis Mercatoria
ZAR 5.000.00 [includes packaging and postage]


Admiralty Manual of Seamanship

3 Volumes
London, Her Majesty´s Stationary Office 1964

Although I often have to say things about the Admiralty that cannot be called complimentary, there´s nothing wrong with these fine books on seamanship.

For anyone who wants to go to sea to make a living, they´re compulsory reading and a weekend sailor will find fascinating stuff in it. The three volumes are in fine condition, blue linen hardcover with gilded title.

Admiralty Manual of Seamanship
ZAR 3.800.00 [includes packaging and postage]

SEAMANSHIP by Commander G.S. Nares, R.N.

Seamanship by Commander G.S. Nares, R.N.

James Griffin and Co.
2, The Hard, Porthmouth

This book was written and published when the great change from sail to steam was taking place and the purpose of Commander Nares was to make sure that none of the ‘sailing’ seamanship was to be lost to steam and other new-fangled ideas.

Seamanship by Commander G.S. Nares

The book has many plates and is chockabloc full with all the information a midshipman had to absorb and that is a lot. The book belonged to midshipman G. Spencer who sailed on several H.M. Ships; Trafalger, Ariadne and Caledonia. He did not look after his book very well, despite its sturdy leather cover there´s damage to some of the pages and he also wrote in it, which I find quite interesting as it tells what a young chap in the Royal Navy had to go through to become a deck officer hundred fifty years ago. A lot more than the chappies today, I can tell you!

The book needs a good bookbinder, it´s worth it.

Seamanship by Commander G.S. Nares, R.N.
ZAR 2.500.00 [includes packaging and postage]

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