Before I used the internet I searched the encyclopaedia Britannica when I was stumped for some information and most of the time I found what I looked for although my EB is quite old, 1968. To buy the latest one must be a pricey business and so I was quite pleased with my earliest stumbles into the net about 8 years ago. However, my enthusiasm is now on a diminishing rate because the monstrous head of Publicity is destroying the liberty I used to feel when exploring the richness of human invention online. Even when reading a newspaper you have things jumping up and down telling you to buy a bloody I-pad or some other crap or, worse still, the entire article is blocked by PUB and you have to find the wee x to get rid of it. Pub will destroy the net as it did TV. It is still possible to find useful information but you have to pull on taller and taller boots to wade through the rubbish to get where you hope to get to.

I must admit also that since I started my website Aug. 2011 my expectations of selling a few books or items have, well… remained expectations. Of course, from what I’d read I didn’t believe that you could sell any old rubbish on the net, but my stuff is not rubbish and I expected at least a few enquiries from some of those millions of internetters.

It was fun to write my blogs and I had also expected to have some correspondence to follow up as, after all, it doesn’t cost much to get your opinions known on the net. Again, Nada.

Of course, I could go on writing stories about things that happened to me but that’s not my purpose on this site. I like to look at the world and wonder what everyone is up to. The Aussies allow thousands of American soldiers to be established in Darwin. Why? Attack from Indonesia or China? Not likely, Australia begins to look like the moon, the stuff that came out of the craters has been flogged to the chinese, who make a good profit.

The Indians from Delhi are keen to buy more than a hundred combat planes from Monsieur Dassault who makes them in France. Who pays? Firstly the french ’assujettis’ or subjugated tax paying people who paid for the research and development of this nasty plane. You see, Dassault, father and son have always been great pals of french presidents and so were always assured that their private firm was kept alive with tax money. The Indian rice coolies will pay for the other end of this transaction and, hopefully, to make it a perfectly logical deal, some of these ‘Rafale’ planes will shoot down a few frenchies.

In the country where I live, things are not getting any better either despite the fact that with a bit of workmanship and an ounce of intelligence South Africa would be a well- functioning country. Intelligence is around, workmanship is not.

Africa is the only continent that has allowed humans to live without doing much work as plenty of game, a fairly fertile soil and a rather benign climate did not impose great strains on humans to stay alive. Those tribes or individuals that left Africa, may be a 100 thousand years ago to find their luck in Europe and Asia, met with tougher climatic conditions and to stay alive, those people had to work.

Why do we have in a country with around 50 million people only 5 million taxpayers? Because most of the people don’t know what work is. Fellows like Tony Weaver, Max du Preez and others who write columns in newspapers, extolling their freedom fighter status next to the ANC are now becoming aware what the black danger, about which the Afrikaners warned the population, is about, but they do not dare say it in their pisswilly columns. The ineptitude to work is Africa’s black danger but no one will admit it. Wafflers, liars, bullshitters replete all african governments, as cunning as european or american ones but, without workers, the resources of african countries will be depleted long before their competitors. Zimbabwe is but one example.

I won’t go further in this line because my wife gets worried when I write publicly about these things. I must mention though, the latest idiocy invented by the people designated to rob our country. This time ‘language’ is their prey. Naturally, South Africa is host to many indigenous languages and if zealous missionaries had not battled to put them in european writing quite a few would have gone missing already. Like dutch, schweizer-deutsch, basque, these languages have their interests but have no great importance in every day politics and business. English has become a world language whether other countries like it or not. As I speak a few languages I think I know why. It‘s like having a set of spanners to do a mechanical job and if you don’t have a 11mm or a 13mm you’re stuck but if you have a shifting spanner and the job is not too complicated you’ll get by. English is the shifting spanner language, it fits most nuts and no great brain is needed to learn a language in which science and many other subjects are expressed handily. Not so for our professorial politicians in SA. First, 2 indigenous languages that most of the black people don’t know how to write are to be imposed and english as third language. The advantage that this country had of 2 centuries of english speakers is to be thrown away.

Apart from the fact that Africa has no ‘work’ culture, another setback for SA is that many black people in responsible positions hate white people. It is an understandable notion but the SA of today could not have been built without the whiteys and our black politicians are very keen to profit by the results of white ingenuity. Three planes for Zuma to go to New York!

My wife is telling me again, “suss, suss…!

These reflections lead me to the conclusion to cease writing regular blogs as I see not much point in publishing them. All the best, Nick.

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7 Responses to E Finita la Commedia

  1. Johann Mendelsöhn says:

    Nick, you are so right!

  2. Jack dekker says:

    Sorry Nick, that you are giving the blog away. I liked it, mostly didn’t agree with most of it, but that doesn’t matter. The world would be boring if we didn’t have differences of opinion.
    Well as we say here”good luck mate, still hope for you to sell something, I enjoyed your books for sure”
    Brer Jack

  3. Jacko says:

    Hi Nick,
    Very sad to see that you want to stop. Have been looking forward to your blog every week. It is the new world we live in Nick. People don’t think anymore and they don’t understand people whose minds explore a little more than their immediate circumstances.
    Will have to drive out to De Kelders for the odd change of ideas again.
    Regards Jacko

  4. Hi Nick,
    with great sadness did I learn about you giving up your blog. Your weekly sharing of your thoughts became more and more interesting to read, in particular the last two. I shall miss them in the context of amusement and information. I will certainly not substitute your blogs with any of the boring newspapers.
    Hope to see you around in De Kelders, cheers for now,

  5. Johann Mendelsöhn says:

    Hi Nick,
    You are so right about a 13mm spanner, it seems to be the one that
    Is always missing on a farm! The shifting is only a sad substitute to round
    The bolt head. I have now bought five 13mm flat/rings that are hidden al over
    as I always need them.
    I fully understand you closing your blog, a pity, but we will keep contact !
    Best regards.
    Johann Mendelsöhn

  6. Barbara Stewart says:

    My dearest Nick,

    No, no and no again! Your blogs are the highlight of my week. Yes, people may not necessarily agree with your opinions, nor do they need to. The fact is you have a voice and an opinion which is more than can be said for many in a world of conjecture, ignorance and apathy. I have learnt more from your books and blogs and most importantly – it keeps me thinking and questioning! Never more than today, are we called upon as citizens of the world, to speak up, speak out and take responsiblity for how we engage. It is we, who need to lead the way forward and insist on accountability both from ourselves and those around us.


  7. Marcus Dekker says:

    Oh dear, oh dear,
    Let’s have a cup of coffee; tomorrow is another day.
    P.S. Since when do you listen to your wife? Only when it suits you?
    P.P.S You want to sell something thru this website? Well that’s not gonne happen. Get some professional advice if you want to sell something on the web. You can, if you know how, but this site (the way it is right now) is not the way.
    P.P.P.S. Can’t sell your stuff? Check your products and your price!
    So, after 30 odd years in the antiques business, you can’t pick up the phone and have some old mates helping you out, selling your gear? Why not? What did you do to them?

    Live is; what you leave behind…(it can be a trail of scourged earth, unfertile, with no blossoming plants to look back upon, or a past that nourishes your present…..)

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