To recapitulate, eugenics was an idea that through selective breeding it might be possible to produce cleverer and better human beings. Like farmers have been doing for the last 8000 years to improve the quality of their livestock by selecting the best of their animals to mate. This hypothesis started taking of in the early 19 hundreds and quite a few well-known people supported that kind of thinking. George B. Shaw, Winston Churchill, Linus Pauling, J. Maynard Keynes and even JBS Haldane, all thought that possibilities to improve the human race ought to be explored as room for improvement certainly was not lacking.

But when Herr Hitler became keen on eugenics also and nazi Germany started experimenting in their death camps on the possibilitiesof improving mankind, the result was the murder of tens of thousands of people. These experimenters had discarded the idea that to improve people humane actions were needed.

Evidently, Hitler’s actions put a full stop to the notion of eugenics after WW2 when the happenings in the death-camps became known. An annoying fact remains though, the quality of humans appears to be deteriorating fast. Evidence of more murderers, pedophiles, rapists and robbers, in short, criminal bastards are more in evidence every day. And they are admired! A simplegame like soccer has been turned into a major international event through telepublicity that causes riots and mayhem while the players are paid extraordinary amounts of money before they die of an overdose of some drug.Good-looking girls, who, with a microphone manage a sing-song, need to have their titties,arse and lips enlarged to become noteworthy while inspiring future rapists, often go the same overdose way. Never have there been so many crooked politicians, known ones but they get revoted in place and do not dare warn us westerners against half a world of religious maniacs who, because of our oil money now have the possibility to commit murder where they wish.

Eugenics wasn’t such a bad idea but with 7 billion to be improved humans, the implementation seems difficult.

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2 Responses to Eugenics, was it such a bad idea?

  1. Gerhard Pirker says:

    And with a population increase every day and new crooked politicians and so called leaders an improvement of the human race seems more and more a distant goal.

  2. Jack Dekker says:

    Hi Nick, agree with you, however I don’t know if there a more criminals than before. For starters we got a much bigger population, but the main thing is communication. Since the internet we hear every case of criminality, say even in Timbuktoo, cases we would never have heard of in our youth. Than an other thing, the enormous disparity in earnings, that is with politicians, entertainers, sport people, CEO’s etc. I think that brings a lot of dissatisfaction with a lot of people and it might turn some to criminality. I think the best solution at the moment is, what the Chinese did a few years back, strict birth control because (specially for Muslims) I don’t think our poor little rock in the Universe won’t be able to handle the amount of humanity in the future. The only good thing about it Nick, we won’t see it.

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