This was a comment from Australia on my latest blogs. Well, let us see. Since WW2 European countries have mostly been governed by socialists except on two notable occasions in France and England. The french communists and socialists had kicked out Charles de Gaulle right after the war despite  that France had been saved from total ignominy by that soldier. However, the socialists helped by the commies had, again, made such a mess of their country with erstwhile colonies Vietnam and Algeria, that, in total despair, the socio-commies were obliged to ask the General ‘would he please come back’ to sort them out. De Gaulle came back and sorted out’ La doulce France’. Now, today it is easy to check out most countries as to their state debts, a bit of google and you know all about it. During the years that de Gaulle was France’s president not a cent was borrowed and the state debt diminished. But as soon as these thankless french people had kicked out again Mon General, their saviour, the OPM socialists started borrowing the more the better and they are still at it today to bribe their voters.

In England the same phenomena took place during the Thatcher years, not a cent was borrowed during her reign but the labour party had already wrecked the country, it would have taken at least 20 years of Thatcher to begin to repair the damage and long before that the Iron Lady was betrayed. It is said that shortly before her death she suffered from Alzheimer loss of memory. I dont believe so. I think she did not want to see how her country was ruined by socialists, who never had earned an honest cent but could only live from OPM (other people’s money; fric des autres, FDA). The greatest  champion of mismanagement can be admired in England.

The Aussie commentary also went on to blame America for Europe’s debt but he is unaware of the fact that the once productive americans began transfering their industries to China and Japan already in the 1970’s when the dollar was not guaranteed by gold anymore. The american wage earner today can buy less with his money than in 1970 and only credit postpones his downfall. Just like in Europe because socialism reigns today in America also.

Never mind, this lefty comment from Australia has been formulated by another OPM fellow. Getting pensions from a socialist government does seem to soften the brain because no effort is needed to stay alive.


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  1. Jack Dekker says:

    And why were the Yanks transferring their industries to China and Japan, more profit for the shareholders, stuff the American workers. Good example, if somebody gets really sick in Yankeeland than he can say his house goodbye. That doesn’t happen in those so called socialist countries, they keep some dignity. It is very easy to talk like you Nick when you are quite well off. Now put yourself in the position of somebody who is not so well off. Somebody might be physically slight disabled, didn’t get a good education or didn’t have the brains. According to you, throw them on the scrapheap, they are useless. Sorry Nick, I still care for people even if I am a lefty. I agree with some of your ideas but one can go to far.

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