It would seem that most European political leaders are dead set on handing over their respective countries to Arab muslims. Even Sweden and Denmark, once home to the redoubtable Vikings are being overrun by a horde of people that come from countries where war ,famine and murder have reigned for the last ten thousand years. The Vikings would laughingly have demolished them, even the French and Spaniards would have resisted them valiantly but that was then. Now  those Europeans who once defended family and country are not more resistant than toilet paper and are powerless while watching the invaders rape their women. How the mighty have fallen!

By the fact of fate I am European and I find nothing to be ashamed of but rather content to belong to the people who have shaped our world as it is today. Despite a suffocating religion the natural curiosity of Europeans was not stifled and ships and navigation were invented. While the ships used the oceans as their highway the rest of the world was explored and knowledge expanded. Science began to replace religious notions and Europe put its stamp on the world from America to Australia, from Greenland to the South pole. Good or bad, it could not be stopped, this great expansion of human endeavor.

Certain parts of the world were not much influenced by European influence because the people who lived there were dominated by a religion that forbade curiosity and invention. Science that once began to flourish in these parts had been discarded for strict religious dogmas and, possibly because of the hot climate, the inhabitants remained chained to the strictures of these mind-numbing beliefs, the Muslim world of Allah. As the world could do well without these regions, not much fuss was made there, sufficient to learn that these people lived by the sword and their women, mothers, daughters, wives risked to be stoned to death if not strictly obeying the prophet of this religion.

However, as European technology advanced, oil was discovered under the sandy wastes of Allah’s land and that’s where and when the disaster started. Europe, while still inventive, had become soft with socialistic beliefs and the oil companies were handed over to a sect of muslim kings and princes of very avaricious nature.                  The damage was done! When these Arab Muslims got hold of all that oil money, war and murder erupted in their unproductive countries and the countless people who somehow live there and whose only divertissement is to breed became still more dispossessed and ready to flee their miserable land of birth. The Muslim kings and princes saw their opportunity to invade Europe on a grand scale and equipped these poor sods with rotten boats and brand new life jackets and might even have wished them ‘bon voyage’.

Europe having become softer than ever with more socialism and EU does still not see the danger except a few politicians such as Geert Wilders in Holland and Marine le Pen in France, who warn their people but are totally disregarded.

Sic transit Europe!

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3 Responses to The End of Europe?

  1. Jack Dekker says:

    Agree with you mostly Nick. Only don’t try to tell me thatbig capitalistic organisations like BP, Exon and Shell are socialistic. They saw where they could do nice deals and they didn’t give a stuff with whom they dealt.

  2. Johann Mendelsœhn says:

    Hallo my dear and best old friend over the last ten or more years!
    I will shortly come and enjoy one of Michelle’s superb Provencal lunches! Keep well? Johann

  3. Steve Bunker says:

    The Western world has become totally ignorant of our history. And few people today have given more than a passing thought to their politics. What passes for philosophy is simply a jumble of personal feelings resulting from misinformation, prejudices, wants and religious nonsense. The great mass of people are easily manipulated by corporate funded campaigns to part them from their money and free will. It is a fine time to be an oligarch with a fortune at hand. But all this will eventually come to an end. It could get ugly. That would be a good time to have a well-stocked schooner.

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