In my last brainwashing bash I forgot to mention the greatest success story since WW2. Men, women old or young, children all have been convinced that only Blue Jeans can properly cloth their nether parts. Without these supposedly cowboy pants you were not ‘in’, à la mode and this fashion took over the world within a few years. As a youngster I tried on a pair once but I told the shopkeeper to keep them because they were the most uncomfortable pants I had ever put on. When you had to get down you couldn’t bend your knees and in whatever position, I found my wedding tackle squeezed unmercifully. Maybe these pants were alright for cowboys loafing around on horses, legs dangling down and probably fly buttons undone but it certainly was not sea-going gear. Many years later, with lots of innocence departed, I realised that, what I called design faults, was the reason why these pants became so popular. The tight crotch work showed up the male genitalia in exaggerated form and when the ladies got stuck into them not much was left to the imagination either. The ladies had, of course, already their titties to flaunt and now, the blokes their balls. Many prostate troubles must have been caused by those unrelenting pants. Still now, sixty years after the hype started, blue jeans remain numero uno, the greatest brainwashing stunt ever. 

Like the jeans, Ferrari is becoming a hit. For many decades that famous carmaker stumbled along, losing more money than making and was rescued by Fiat at last. But now their finances are doing as well as their cars, because people that are called ’rappers, rockers, singers and what ever what’, are being paid a hell of a lot of money by another bunch of conditioned admirers. That great violence invariably breaks out after one of their performances seems to be proof of the ‘artistry’ of these rappers, etc. However, to prove their virility or something, these ‘artists’ have been brain washed in believing that Ferraris are the only wheels to show off their glory and, happily, drunk and stoned as they are most of the time, wipe themselves out with their cars.

I don’t think that Enzo Ferrari would ever have realised that the viability of his enterprise depended on drunks and criminals. Mind you, Mercedes is in the same category.

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