The world becomes more and more fascinating! Despite the fact that I’m in my winemaking part of the year I must take some time to show you folks the political bandit who outfoxes the rest of the world’s political nitwits. Of course I’m talking about the new Czar of Russia, Vladimir Putin whose common sense à la peasant outwits all the western idiots that think they are leaders of their countries. A few months ago Putin stopped the black fellow in the White House and his western cronies from increasing the Muslim cock up in Syria and this time the same nitwits really thought that Russia would give up its only warm water port in the Crimea. The unique harbour from where Russian ships can get to the Mediterranean has been used since before the time of Peter the Great, the Dutch gave him a hand to improve the harbour of Sebastopol.

The European nitwits talk about sanctions while Putin has the hand on the gas valve that delivers a large part of the energy needed by Europe. Putin doesn’t like poofters and the fuss these fellows make in other parts of the world. In Cape Town they organized a kind of poofter festival with the assistance of the municipality in the name of ‘human rights’. I don’t even want to speculate what kind of disgusting behaviour these fellows get up to when they close the door of their room or, possibly, soon they’ll show selfies on the internet. Never mind, ol’ Vladimir is accused of not respecting ‘human rights’, an entity that no one seems to realise that doesn’t exist.

However, his fellow Russians don’t have much to moan about, their salaries have increased, general welfare improves as the new Czar proves himself to be a clever business man in the energy trade to sell gas and oil.

Whereas the US is hell-bent to sell us poison in the form of genetically modified plant seeds. These modified seeds are supposed to increase the harvest yield and are therefore thought to be beneficial to an ever-increasing humanity. The idea is to protect the plant from its natural enemies, insects, fungus or invading plants. The products to kill these enemies exist but also kill the crop they are supposed to protect. Therefore the companies that modify the genetic structure of seeds, implant a tiny bit of the poisons needed to kill the natural enemies with the result that the crop is not killed when these poisons are applied to the fields. For instance, Monsanto has a poison called Roundup that kills any botanical living thing, it’s worse than the black death was for humans but as the maize plant grew from a seed that had been modified to carry a fraction of Roundup the maize plant is not destroyed.

 It’s a kind of homeopathy in reverse. Homeopathic practitioners utilise minute fractions of poisons that cause the same symptoms of which their patients suffer, to achieve a cure, whereas farmers deluge the crop with poison that can only withstand this attack because, built in its molecules, is already the same poison.

Eating maize, soya, oats, you eat a fraction of the poisons needed to grow these plants. Monsanto has more lawyers in the US government bodies than biologists because, evidently, a lot of people try to attack companies like Monsanto but sofar, without any success.

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