Recently someone in Panama divulged a lot of names of people who prefer to keep their money instead of giving it to their corrupt government which is certain to misspend it. This ‘someone’ was probably bribed by a government official, american is likely, who spend vast amounts of OPM (otherm peoples’ money) for this purpose. Of course the newspapers and other media pounced upon this bit of news and self righteously proclaimed great shame on the people who preferred to keep their own money. Government and media are functioning according to a same socialist mantra, OPM is to be used to partially satisfy voters with handouts and readers with sentimental claptrap that life would be so much better if these rich bastards would only pay their taxes. Who really wants to pay taxes to a government whose president is ready to buy a  x-billion dollar airplane for himself or another one that  hands over OPM in the european ever disappearing pit of Bruxelles?

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