I am now one of the last witnesses of nazi brutality and murder the Germans inflicted upon the countries they occupied during WW2. I won’t go into details because that part of European history has been well described in many books. Already, long before the nazis came into power, Germany did not have a very good name, human wise,in Southern Africa. I refer to South West Africa where early in the 19 hundereds they effected asmall genocide upon tens of  thousands of black people. In East Africa the Germans were also known as brutal colonists.

Knowing all this and having lived through the german occupation in Holland, I might be entitled to proclaim that the Germans are a murderous bunch of bastards.”Nonsense, you old idiot,” I will be replied, “you are just a silly old racist, jealous of how well the Germans are doing today!” Ja, ja…

I also have the impression that in the middle East a lot of murder and rape is taking place of whicha bunch of muslim maniacs is taking great pride. These fellows love being photographed while beheading people that do not espouse their muslim religion. When I pronounce my convictions on the savagery of the muslims in general I’m told I don’t know anything about religions and that I am just an old racist, that they are not all like that. Maybe not all, possibly there is a newborn that has not been indoctrinated as yet.

In South Africa we have a judge who, for many years, has presided over hundreds of allaged rape cases, almost all committed by black people. She came to the conclusion that rape is a cultural manifestation of black men,” It’s our right as men to fuck any woman or child.”

I think that judge did not want to be judge anymore after her learning cycle in the courtrooms. Sofar she has only be accused of racism.

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