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Yesterday I nattered a bit about doctors, sick people and illnesses but I forgot about a notion that I carry about for quite some time. Much fuss is made of the ill effects of tobacco, politicians, do-gooders and that kind of ilk are having a good time to get pictures of diseased lungs to decorate cigarette packs while governments try to get the maximum of tax money from the smokers.

A far bigger killer is not talked about at all.. WHITE SUGAR! That stuff is sold without health warnings, it’s cheap and used with refined white bread flour must cause ten times more mortal coil shuffling than tobacco ever did.

Too many of us in any case.

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  1. As a very moderate ex smoker many years ago I sometimes would not mind to have a puff or two. On the other hand, white sugar is a banned substance in our house. Well done Nick, to bring this matter up and I hope that many people read this blog and in particular educate their children not to ever touch this crap.
    Cheers, Gerhard

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