This is an impression that’s written on the spur of the moment. News has been circulating for the last ten days about Mr. Nelson Mandela’s health that I have difficulty to accept as truthful. We are more or less told that a plane with medical people on board was sent by the SAAF to Mr. Mandela’s residence for unexplained reasons. That plane, on its return journey crashed in the Drakensberg Mountains at 3000 metre altitude. Uncertainty about all the people on board.

The next day Mr. Mandela is reported to be in a hospital in Pretoria, apparently with respiratory problems. How he got there is not explained. It does not make sense to send an old man with all his money in an ambulance from the East Coast over buggered up roads to Pretoria. The Presidency announces that he is responding to the doctors’ treatment. Who is this ‘Presidency’? Mr. Zuma, checking up on his old boss? Then, Silence!

Then, a day before the ANC Party conference to decide who will be president of South Africa, the Presidency decides that there was bugger all wrong with dear Madiba’s lungs but that gallbladder stones had been the trouble. Not surprising, with Zuma as your apprentice president you might suffer from much more.

I don’t believe anything that has been said about Mr. Mandela’s latest adventures, I think he’s dead! I can only hope that this death tiding is premature.

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