Yet another respected statesman and president has clearly stated his secular and religious convictions. The fellow’s name is said to be Karzai and he is supposed to be president of Afghanistan. How anyone can become president of that slice of the world’s real estate seems incomprehensible as, from the little history that’s known of that rugged country it would appear that the totality of the male population consists of presidents.

Anyway, this Karzai, defender of the peace, Allah il Akbar, has let it been known that in order to satisfy the Taliban, he is quite agreeable to proclaim all the women of his lamentable country to be second rate citizens. Inch’Allah!

Soon the good old days will be back again where the macho warriors can beat up women who have the audacity to giggle in the street. It’s a pity that the Afghan ladies cannot be equipped with Kevlar clothing because soon the staunch defenders of the country will have the additional exercise of stoning their women and daughters. By Allah, the Merciful!

We should not be under the illusion that this Karzai fellow is an isolated case, our world becomes increasingly under the thumb of tyrannical government and although I might be in favour of benign dictators, where do we find those buggers?

I might be a good one, in this country I would interdict all grape harvesting machines to have more jobs for the rural population and the wine would be of better quality. Interdict also for dark coloured cars, because as these are seen less well, they cause more accidents. But as you see, even me, the benign dictator starts off with interdictions.

All they’ve done these presidents and ministers, is to financially wreck our world with their greediness and stupidity and we are supposed to respect the Kardais of this world. How can we discover benign dictators?

You won’t find them in Europe, that political lot has gone around the bend completely, official marriage between homosexuals appears to be on top of the list for their puny ideas. The sexual act between woman and man can be a glorious experience, the same act between poofters I find repulsive and why anyone would waste more than a cigarette paper on their affairs makes no sense.

No hope but apprehension from the USA, anyone has ideas about Canada, Australia?

My wife says I become grumpy.

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3 Responses to In search of Benign Dictators

  1. No, you don’t become grumpy, you become better and better. Keep it up Nick!
    Gerhard Pirker

  2. Barbara Stewart says:

    Power in any hands is a dangerous thing non more so than when it is used for the purposes of oppression. Abuse in all its overt and often less obvious perpetration will continue until man and woman understand the distinction between God made laws and man made laws. To fully comprehend and evolve to the true realisation that “To be right is an Act of Violence!”
    love, B

  3. Dearest Nick. For some reason or other, our paths have crossed and for me, I realise there are many lessons I am able to learn from you. I value your insights, I value your courage to say that which is true for you and I hope that one day I will have that level of courage to speak my truth. Never forget, that in this, you are my inspiration and my challenge. For not that which you itterate but for that whi1ch makes me think! Power in any hands is an extremely dangerous thing. When is it used purely for ego and power, we tread dangerous water.. But fear not, for when the Arab Spring arises, where the the previously suppressed, start to recognize that ideology is not there own, that is when the world starts to change. Women rise from oppression and sujucation and honour their power and their right! When the youth rise up and say “I cannot have a future without hope”this is when we witness the change in the world and it is coming… But at the heart of it all lies the single truth, for you and me both – that to be right is an Act of Violence and therein lies our truth… mcuh love always, B


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