My dear friend Barbara talks about God-made laws and man-made laws. I do not think that such a distinction exists. Witness the following:

Morocco, in a bushy bit of forest a 15 year old girl walks home from school. In that country not many girls her age still go to school but this young lady has plans to make a life other than to be a subjugated wife as is the norm in this ‘kingdom’. Thinking of all the subjects she still has to study she is suddenly grabbed by a fellow inhabitant and thoroughly raped. When at last she manages to struggle home, crying, she told her mother what had happened and who her rapist was. The mother, brave lady, went to some kind of magistrate to denounce the rapist. The upshot of this sad story was that the student girl was considered a whore because she had the audacity to let herself be raped and the most satisfactory solution for her future was to get married to her rapist in order for this fellow to get off scot-free. The mother and daughter refused but father said that was not a bad idea and in allah land that’s what happened. The girl had to live in the rapist’s family house where she was regularly beaten by her husband and otherwise abused as a whore by the rest of that family. But god’s will had been done as performed by the imman, no jail for the rapist and no dishonour for the girl’s family. She was 16 years old when in desperation she killed herself. All she could find to accomplish her suicide was rat poison, probably one of the most modern ingredients in this allah benigned country. Modern rat poison causes internal bleeding and a 500gr. rat soon succumbs but for a 50 kg. girl it must have been an agony unimaginable.  

This tragedy was caused by a male who knew that allah’s law would shield him and by a priest with some more of allah bullshit. And if you peruse the old testament of the honoured bible you’ll see that the god of the christians or jews could do just as well.

God’s laws, dear Barbara, are mankind’s laws because humans are the only animal  that ever invented a parcel of disastrous gods. Instinctively, christians of the last 150 years tried to get religion out of their governments but the muslims, once they had been shown by the christians that they had their arses in oil are using their dollars to get their allah more meritorious still.

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  1. Jack dekker says:

    Nice one Nick, agree wholehearthly with it. I knew of that story and that is why I am proud to be a atheist (like my mother was).
    Keep it up

  2. Barbara Roberts says:

    Powerful piece of writing dear Nick and a view I completely agree with. Perhaps I should clarify what I mean by “God” made laws. I do not subscribe to the century held notion of “God” in whichever permeations man has created “him” through the multitude of dogmas which plague society and in whose “name” unspeakable atrocities are perpetrated. The mere notion that a god has bestowed such power upon men in society to wield a power over women and innocents, in even the most sublte of its forms without question and merely by virtue of a difference in genitalia is as unsound a level of thinking as I have ever come across. Simply, I choose not to hold this to be true for me. However, in my life, I choose to honour and respect the beliefs that those around me hold for it is not for me to convince anyone. I then merely become another perpetrator – as I have said before – to be right is an act of violence. I choose to look to nature and the harmony and wisdom which is demonstrated to guide me. I know only a powerful universal source from which all life comes and to which all life goes and all that it required of me is to live in truth and harmony with this. I am guided to treat all that I encounter with peace and non-judgment and of course, being human, I fail at this daily, however, I am guided back time and again in this lifetime, to level an attempt at honouring this in each moment as far as I am humanly able and to be conscious of when I don’t. A discussion you and I may have over hours of sampling our favorite wine for should I continue now, I may find myself again…burning at the stake.

  3. Harry Tate says:

    Yes, nasty things occur ewerywhere but there is not reasson enought to declare a war agaist another culure

  4. Barbara Stewart says:

    Hi Harry, so agree. What it really comes down to in my view, in its entire deconstruction in simplest form, is that as human beings we define ourselves and each other through false constructs. How we have been socialised and dogmatised to believe that by virtue of our status, money, power or religious beliefs etc, that somehow we have a greater power over others and quite arrogantly hold the view that our belief system or our particular view, whatever it is, is the only one or the right one and those who do not subscribe to the same, are regarded as lesser mortals or in need of conversion and in holding this belief, it then appears to be fine to perpetrate both gross and innocuous but equally damaging treatment of others. The triage of three, Socrates, Plato and Aristotle, visionaries no doubt but commenced the philosophy of argument as a way of being. Whether I hold an opinion to be true to me or not, my role becomes that of “I am right and you are wrong” and it is my ego which comes to the fore for in that moment, should I fail to convince you that the view you hold is wrong and mine is of course the correct one, it defines me and perhaps if I am more adept at the craft of argument, you may lose that debate whilst the actual subject matter has not been thoroughly explored at all and one may walk away feeling either the victor or the undermined. When in fact were we to evolve to the place where we regard each other as truly equal and hold respect for all living things and aspire to non-judgement as our core values. Perhaps then, we may have a chance. It is not for goverments or iconic leaders to show the way, it is each one of us, in every moment of every day.

  5. Nick Dekker says:

    Harry Tate, firstly, try and learn to write correctly. Secondly, the death of this girl is a direct result of ‘the culture’ practised by her own population.

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