No end to global madness. Seventy billion people are stuffing up our little Earth, plenty of starvation but not enough dying, and we have jokers that natter about ’Human Right’s Day’.n In South Africa even the Stock Exchange has a holiday to respect these unimaginable rights that appear to have been invented by and for politicians. Whales, elephants, rhinos don’t have their respective rights as has been decided by Asiatic humans, they need to render these animals extinct in order to prolong their sexual pleasures, condom protected. Little birds that fly across the Pyrenees Mountains to satisfy their sexual instincts are slaughtered by the thousands by well-fed French or Spanish ‘Hunters’ that receive on payment to the State, the proper extinguishing permit.

Poofters and lesbians that have always been around, are now kicking up a fuss that they want to be considered the same as children producing couples. Already they have stolen from the English language the word ‘gay’, which was a good word and now can not be used anymore, except if you want to indicate ‘up your jack’. Governments and newspapers are not enough to express their ‘gayness’; they want tickets like the hunters and the human right’s dreamers.

Part of this global population knows that they live in countries, some because of birth, some because of choice. Watch it, if you live in a democratic country where the politicians have the habit of creating massive debts, not to have your money in that country’s banks because they will take it to pay for their idiocies.

Human rights indeed! I just have a wee privilege to warn you against it.

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