Lots of people tell us that our dear old Earth is getting sick because all the crap us humans excrete might modify Gaia’s dispositions. That Gaia is sick OFF us I will readily believe but She can readily undo whatever damage we might have inflicted on her, a million years here… or there….

What amuses me these days is the amount of sickness that inflicts humanity since more and more medical doctors have appeared on the scene. Despite all the biological discoveries that have been made by the medical sciences for the last hundred years all sorts of new illnesses and diseases have plagued humanity at an increasing rate.

Never have we had so many medical doctors.

Never have we had so many pharmaceutical companies.

Never have we had so much disease.

Never have we had more costly treatments.

Never have we had so many sick people refusing to die.

Never have we had so many food shops selling stuff to kill our health.

The major business in Europe and the US is the health business but that is a misnomer as there is far more disease than health. The budgets of these countries are built around the disease and social security factors and the diminishing amount of people that remain capable of paying taxes see their money squandered by lazy, incompetent or stealing officials on disease ridden people and loafers. This impossible financial system has been built by socialism during the last 70 years and could only be maintained by politicians borrowing ever more money to pay the population these ‘benefits’.

The only time I made a benefit is when I sold something at a profit or I produced a piece of work with my hands and head.

But the idlers and the sick, many of whom have never produced anything, demand ‘benefits’. The US was a bit behind with the social catastrophe but the fellow in the White House is now well on his way to wreck the country’s finances, Obama accomplishes the goal that Osama so much desired! In that once great country, almost a quarter of the population can’t feed itself anymore without the help of government food stamps.

 Anecdote: Goodyear Tyres is pulling out of its factory in France. The minister of industry, another one who never produced anything in his life, tries to flog the place to another american tyre maker in order to keep the people employed. “You must be joking,” says the american, french wages are the highest in the world and your blokes only work 3 hours per day, for the rest they sit around. If I moan, you and the trade union talk politics. I won’t even have that factory as a present because I’m building one in China and soon I’ll sell you my tyres in France.”

The socialist wrecking ball has destroyed two, soon three generations of former honest workers and I can only see chaos before the system can be repaired.

My wife an I are not on bloody benefits, we managed to stay away from that system and still make a good living. However, we can’t afford to get really sick, dead people’s hearts or plastic hips are out for us and so we don’t get sick. We have not drunk municipal water since 1960; always we had our own spring or rainwater. We can’t stand hamburgers, we like fish, red meat, fresh veggies and fruit with plenty of red wine I make.

Buying great trolley loads of disease in supermarkets we left for the ‘benefit’ collecting profiteers.

The fact that most people have no idea how their body functions is a major cause for the propagation of real or imaginary illnesses and their belief in anyone in a white coat and a stethoscope around the neck is unbounded. From first hand experience I know that doctors are of course not infallible and less doctoring most of the time improves health.

From a young age, at school people should be taught about their bodies and the handling of money but teachers are not doctors nor do they have a clue about finance.

In newsletters I receive there is much talk about stem cell research and that in a foreseeable time your own especially elevated cells will be used to grow you a new heart, kidneys, what have you! I don’t deny that it won’t be done but these fine inventions won’t reduce by one iota worldwide disease.


Still no news from Nelson Mandela!


PS. A few months ago I told you that very unpleasant adventures might befall you if ever you’d take a trip on one of these skyscraper luxury cruise ships. You probably heard about the latest fiasco, the ‘Carnival Triumph’ that drifted around the Caribbean without power, with its 3½ thousand passengers literally in the shit. To remain profitable it has been established that these vessels don’t carry deck officers, engineers and seamen worth a damn and that official ship inspections can be bought, courtesy of the Coastguard.

Watch it my friends, those excrement-sloshing holidaymakers might have been down in Davy Jones’ locker also!

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  1. Medicine is not healthcare—
    Food is health care.
    Medicine is sick care.
    Keep well,

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