The above mentioned people are, of course, all over the planet but in particular in the western countries such as Europe, America, Australia and New Zealand. The first country to really go down the drain was England where Wilson’s labour party did more economical damage than Germany had managed during 6 years of war. The labour party promised and promised… free medecin, schooling, social payments, free old age, anything that peolpe desired without doing much work. That a country stuffed up after the last war could not pay for such niceties was immaterial to the socialists, they borrowed. And they are still borrowing in 2016 when their hospital system is totally bankrupt and corrupt, more people are illiterate than 2 centuries ago and where the police is not very different from crime. The one hope the british had, Mrs. Thatcher, was overcome by treason of her own ministers. Labour or Tories have Corruption as their leitmotif. Nigel Farage’s Ukip Party is a tiny maybe of change.

France is also a lost cause because the citizens have been lied to for much longer and trade unions have worked hand in hand while fighting publicly. Electricite de France with their nuclear power stations ought to be a profitable business but the workers’ unions they had to tolerate by socialist ministers made it as bankrupt as any other french state entreprise. Only debt keeps it alive.  During Charles de Gaulle’s years, 50’s and sixty’s, no money was borrowed, likewise for the Thatcher years in England. (Check it on Google.)

Germany, Holland and the Scandinavian countries seem to be slightly better off but they all suffer from stupid leading politicians. Frau Merkel wanted to shut all Germany’s nuclear power stations when she heard of the misery in Japan but she did not know that Japan sits on lots of vulcanos whereas the german stations were built on some of the stablest geological territory on earth. It will cost the Germans a hell of a lot of money, more than Frau Merkel is worth.

America, there the black man in the white house has done more damage with his misplaced socialism than all the pentagon generals and previous presidents. The country is now so indebted that it is impossible to get a figure, estimates go from 20 to 60 trillion dollars. You don’t know how much a trillion is, neither do I. Half the inhabitants don’t pay tax and live from handouts of the state. More foodstamps are handed out every month because you don’t have to go to Africa to find poor people, America will do just fine.

Australia I don’t know much about, I gather that even there honest politicians have not been invented. All I know that many years ago a ship full of toilet bowls had to be offloaded one by one on the shoulders of the dockeys. People laughed, the dockeys went on strike. They demanded Shame Pay. They got it. It seems matters are not much better today, maybe my brother Jack who lives there might tell us something.

Are there people who try to safeguard our western ideas? Yes, ther are, I’ll tell you about them tomorrow.

PS.France. Trade Unions have worked hand in hand with socialist governments


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  1. Jack Dekker says:

    Why doesn’t SA not come in your blog Nick. Do you pay taxes there. And is Zuma flying around in his elaborate luxury 747 with your money? As far as I know the people in SA are worse of than under apartheid. Yes here in Oz we are in debt to, but name me one big bussines what doesn’t loan money these days. That is your modern capitalism. That Yankee capitalism send Europe, Britain included broke with their Marchall help plan. and those country’s had to buy weaponery from the Yanks in that plan, just to keep the capitalistic weapon manufacturers going, because the war was finished and they didn’t want to close the factories, to much profit in them. Most of the trouble in the world now is thanks to those manufacturers because they run the USA with their lobbing system. For starters look at the NRA, 30,000 people get killed in the USA by guns but not one president has been able to cut the sale of guns down.
    Jack from Oz

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