There is no doubt that the world today is a vastly more violent place then, let’s say the 1960’s, probably the best after WW2 years. In Europe some nasty terrorist groups manifested themselves but the cowardly murders committed remained within the tens of cases, maybe more in Italy. In Scandinavian countries terrorism was hardly known, when in the seventies Olaf Palme, a Swedish politician was murdered, it was such an exceptional case that the murderer is still sought 40 years later. But these days there are plenty of people available to shoot down passenger planes, bomb lots of unknown people or kidnap schools of children to be sold to religious rapists. Of course, when religious muslim leaders exhort boys and girls without any education to blow themselves  up for the good of their god and the downfall of their enemies the the upper limits of depravity are probably reached… maybe!

When the american military began invading many parts of the world that would have been best left alone, the enmity they created amongst those invaded peoples had, naturally, not been foreseen by these modern self-inflated generals who continue copying George Custer.

Also, the european idea of multi-culturism, invented by socialist do gooders spending OPM did not work out as hoped because the newcomers refused to learn the culture of the people that had invited them and paid for their wellfare. One example: Holland has been a country for the last 100 years where people  used bicycles, not cars. Hardly ever was a cyclist hurt by a car. These days, every week one or two  cyclist are dead because of car accidents, the drivers of which come from Pakistan or some other uncivilistan. Of course no mention of this is found in the socialist newspapers.

Now an egyptian passenger plane has been shot down. Maybe a passenger  was in there that the murderers did not like and to hell with the other passengers. Mind you, I would not get into a plane with muslim pilots. As soon as the plane begins to fall these buggers will say that it is allah’s will and won’t do a bloody thing about it.

Multiculturism has failed, multi-religionism, christianity-muslim is already on a warfoot and we have only seen the beginning of outright terrorism.

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  1. A says:

    Tout à fait d’accord avec toi.

    Le pire est à venir!

    Bravo pour tes “billets” j’aime cette nouvelle formule

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