My quest for ‘good’ stories is not very successful and as I’m not in the business of writing about personal success stories I’m still pleased to tell you that the crew of that large trimaran ‘Banque Populaire’ seem to be about to break the record of world circumnavigation. They might not make it in 45 days but there’s a good chance for 46 even though they had to chase the wind more than halfway across the North Atlantic as the Azores anticyclone blocked the direct route to the finish off Ushant. As I said,  ’you want to use the wind, you must chase it’. They also lost time in the Pacific when icebergs posed serious problems to their survival. Sailing almost 50 000km non-stop without breaking, in 6 weeks time is a formidable achievement to my mind. I don’t think a plane exists that can fly that distance, certainly no motor vessel can perform such a feat. 


The Japanese show a formidable tendency to recover a bit of face they lost last year due to the actions of captain Paul Watson of Sea Shepherd fame. Watson managed to bugger up the great Japanese expectations of a massive whale catch; the whalers did not even manage 16% of their goal. Even the politicians feel the shame inflicted by a bloody westerner and therefore, in a grand gesture, they donated $23 million to the whale killing company to help them kill Watson’s intentions for this year. This money came out of the donations that had been offered to Japan by other countries to help in the earthquake disaster. The Japanese are doing what I foretold already 6 years ago in my book ‘Ocean Advocate’, they’re using war ships to protect their whalers. This time with charity money from Europe.

I sent captain Watson my book but unfortunately he doesn’t use my radical method of blowing off ship’s propellers and so he’ll have a lot more trouble stopping the Jap whalers.

Anybody ready to send some more do-gooders money to Japan?


Religions are doing better and better as there seems to be no limit as to how far or high their intolerance can grow. Sixty years ago it seemed that all these godly notions had calmed down a bit but then the muslim arabs became rich on their oil diet for which  christians and others paid them dearly. Once you’re rich you can afford to have opinions such as ‘all religions except mine are shit’ and then the other religions have to follow suit to prove the worth of their god, dammit!

The israeli jews, for whom I used to have much admiration have also fallen into the intolerance trap. When people, adult in years, can spit at and insult a wee girlie of 8 years because she goes to a school the religious maniacs don’t like, then all hope seems to be lost. These religious nuts are called orthodox jews. In my dictionary ‘orthodox’ stands for: correct in opinion; following generally held beliefs; theologically correct. In my mind it stands for mentally deficient and I think not any god of whatever invention can cure them. Ready for a next holocaust?

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  1. dekker says:

    salut manni
    tu fais peut etre référence aussi à ce nouveau candidat aux US qui est contre l’avortement meme en cas de viol…vive le progrès!
    merci pour tes vérités

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