In my last blog I entertained the idea that some intelligent principle is a natural ingredient mixed in the matter that makes up our cosmos. Today I can tell you though that in certain parts of our cosmos this intelligent principle is missing, namely in all our worlds governments with the Europeans getting first prize for stupidity never attained before.
That Argentinean Cristine, the nuclear submariner is ruining her country financially is picayune stuff, in any case the people there are used to that kind of official behaviour and plan for it. Her political sister in Brazil, Dilma, also no mean undersea star, has managed to just about wreck the partially nationalized oil company Petrobras that sits on a colossal oil sump not too far from the coast. We won’t bother with the black man in the white house although he is worthy of a prize too: Never has a winner of a Noble Peace Prize made so much war and personally murdered so many people with little flying robots. A reward of one of those fine Japanese swords would be too much to my mind, a good butcher’s knife ought to do it.
But the political European lot is by far the most remarkable by demonstrating a total absence of any intelligent notion and, still more surprising, an absolute unawareness of that fact. For more than 40 years bureaucrats have spawned in that European union without anyone treating that disastrous growth with a dose of extra strong DDT. The city of Bruxelles became too small for that outsize furuncle; the French offered them the fine city of Strasbourg to add to the lunacy.
In no time this communist inspired fungus told the French how to make camembert cheese, the Dutch how to catch herring, the Portuguese to chop up their fishing boats, in fact, these commissars knocked the stuffing out of countries that, when not at war, didn’t do too badly. HUMAN RIGHTS stood on top of the list and any one from the rest of the world was allowed into the EU, to be furnished by born European taxpayers with houses and food, payment in the form of work was not demanded.
Despite the fact that these countries had witnessed how central planning had wrecked the economy of their neighbour, the USSR, these commissars from Bruxelles have steered the European people in a monumental debt trap that no one seems to be able to understand. And now, they want more power still, a European government that will lay down the law how much a German, a Français, a Hollander, etc, etc is to pay in ever more taxes while still more money is to be borrowed.
When, 70 years ago, Germany invaded most of Europe it didn’t take long for Norwegians, Danes, Dutch and French citizens to declare an internal war on the invaders, in which struggle many brave people were killed. Today, the integrity of these peoples, except the Norse, has been attacked in a vastly viler manner, yet hardly a protest is heard. Since the 1960’s these governments gave money away without any reckoning to Arabs, Africans, whoever took their fancy, had there been Martians they could have held their hands up also. This thrown away money was not earned money, it was borrowed money at a good rate of interest and the European working people were the collateral. Today the collateral has to cough up for the millions of immigrants that increased the crime rate and produce no work. The collateral must now accept reduced innings from their social security systems because the spendthrift dwarves in Bruxelles have a summit meeting every week to shift billions between banks with newly printed euros. The countries remain just as broke. The boodle is gone, spent by a bunch of misguided, communist inspired Bruxellesbureaucrooks whom the European peoples have been paying colossal salaries. And still they’re not thrown out, and still they want to hang on to an unworkable Euro. Even the Taliban cannot wreck a place like Afghanistan faster than these Europe destroyers in Strasbourg and Bruxelles.
That false, unsustainable notion of HUMAN RIGHTS has been the cause of untold misery, comparable to the destruction religions can perpetrate. When the Roman Empire became Christian, the first manifestation of its Catholicism was the destruction of the greatest feat humanity had produced until that date; The Library of Alexandria. Not to be outdone, a few hundred years later the sons of Allah obliterated the bits that were left to ensure the start of the ten ensuing centuries of the Dark Age.
Humans have no rights, neither has a rhinoceros, a whale or any other animal. I suppose that notion must have been born after the biblical order for humans to multiply and subdue the earth.
Never has an injunction been better obeyed: Now we can fuck and destroy! God’s Will! Hallabloodyluya; Inch’Allah!
At the very best humans might have a few privileges but people need to be clever enough to appreciate those.
However, I do allocate one right to myself and it stems from a very ancient saying:
If you cannot defend your house and family against aggressors you do not deserve either.
It is a tough one and much older than humanity and pre-humanity. I would say that the defence of kith, kin and home is a biological law as old as life; yet, governments today want to take that one, unique right, away from their citizens. Let these governments take heed of the following , one hundred year old, pronouncement by an immortal in American legal history, Supreme Court Justice Benjamin Cardozo:
“It is not now and never has been the law that a man assailed in his own dwelling is bound to retreat. If assailed there he may stand his ground and resist the attack. He is under no duty to take to the fields and the highways, a fugitive from his own home… Flight is for sanctuary and shelter, and shelter if not sanctuary is in the home.”

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