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Sail at your Peril

Dear friends, if any of you are ever tempted to sail in one of these monstrosities, get yourself a decent bottle, do a bit of thinking and then tell yourself …
Soviet Union’s 4-masted ‘Krusenstern’

The Commissar who destroyed the Captain’s honour

In my blog of the Twin Towers I told you that I participated with my schooner ‘Artemis’ in the 1976 Tall Ships’ Race that was organized to give our american …

The captain who sailed without a chronometer

Captain Joshua Slocum is a well-known seaman in nautical tales and history, yet one of his most extraordinary exploits remains little known. Slocum had been master of many fine square-rigged …
Twin Towers in 1976

How I saw the Twin Towers from the Hudson River

In all innocence I took that picture on the 4th of July 1976. With my schooner that you can see on the homepage, I had participated in a Tall Ships …

From ‘Velsheda’ +70 years Yacht Design to ‘Rambler’.

As I told you, my son Jan is a professional yachtsman and, evidently, spends a lot of time at sea. But such is the world today that he is obliged to spend …

100feet yacht ‘Rambler’ capsizes just south of Ireland during Fastnet Race

     This is my second blog and I wrote it somewhat sooner than anticipated. You may remember that I said that I was setting sail for the cyber seas at the …

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