He is loud-mouthed, he probably is a crook, which are worthy attributes for any aspiring politician but when he starts giving us his ideas about international affairs he comes up witth some pearls. The one I like best is that he would stop buying oil from Saoudite Arabia  because America has enough of its own. Certainly, that would be a struggle, prices might go up but there is enough oil in the States to be independent of Arabian imports. There never was a better idea to stifle muslim influence because reducing Arabian finances will reduce the facilities for murder. Most western politicians do not understand that an undeclared war exists between muslim nations and western countries but the muslim ayatollahs, dictators have been striving for the last 40 years to destroy Europe from Greece to Finland. The money needed for this achievement has been furnished by Europe and America in the form of oil-dollars and now by chasing hundreds of thousands muslim ‘refugees’ into Europe these muslim disciples of the religious maniac, Mohammed, seem close to achieving their aim.

It appears that amongst 350 million Americans no one better or worse than Donald Trump can be found but, sofar, he appears the best.

To be continued soon, I still have to learn my new little tablet computer.

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  1. Shaun says:

    Yes Nick, and hopefully, soon, Europe’s voters will follow and vote in stronger leaders who will stop the Muslim invasion.

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