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Herman Van Rompuy

Outspoken: Nigel Farage caused uproar when he told EU President Herman Van Rompuy (pictured) he had the 'charisma of a damp rag and the appearance of a low-grade bank clerk'

Look at this fellow. He wants to be the Czar of the United States Of Muslim Europe.

Herman van Rompuy is his name and he is one of the most influential gnomes in Bruxelles and I wonder whether he is being paid by arab oil money to let the muslims into Europe. He, with his crony Barroso and the rest of the eurocrats do not understand the vast differences between west european people, A Dane is not a Greek nor is a German a Hollander and the fact that these european people shaped their own countries and languages over the last 2000 years is proof of their individual cultural tenacities. Plenty of fights helped to establish fairly stable borders and even Bismarck’s disciples seemed to have twigged on at last. As I don’t receive any money from a nanny state, I’ve always been interested in the ways of finance and by the time I was twenty I knew that French, Spanish, Italian and Greek moneys were not to be trusted as the respective governments devalued their valuta regularly. Kronor, guilders and pounds could be counted upon; we didn’t know as yet what the mark would do, 60 years ago. Therefore, with just a smattering of arithmetic it was plain that the introduction of the Euro was an unworkable proposition that would result in the Northerns paying for the Southerns. But the wee czar and his pallies refuse to admit that state of affairs; really they must be paid a lot of money apart from their outrageous salaries

PoliticiansHere I show you another picture of a bunch of dutch politicians, taken I would guess in the seventies. I don’t know who is the bloke in the middle but he looks like a fine example of someone who decides not to decide a bloody thing. Such like fellows have, during the last half-century, ruined my home country, The Netherlands.

That picture I copied from Geert Mak’s book “My Father’s Century’ which is a personalised history of the political cockups of the 20th century in Europe.

By the 1960’s natural gas was discovered in the north of the country and, lo and behold, did those socialist pint-brain politicians start dishing out the money. It seemed the whole world was in need of dutch gas-boodle; Africa, Palestine, S. America, these cretins prided themselves on the fact that Holland – per capita- gave the greatest amount of money to under developed countries. Under developed countries became, euphemistically, developing countries and they are still developing, into what, no one knows.

By now Holland is broke, that lovely gas that could have served the population for another 100 years was flogged for peanuts by people that cannot make a living by working, like that lot in the photo. All kinds of brown people were invited into the country, given houses and social security. There’s nothing wrong with being brown but the greater lot of these immigrants didn’t bother to learn dutch, refused to work but knew all about the dole. The religious nuts managed to get the dutch government to pay for their mosques and the proliferating inmates of the prisons became browner and browner.

Dutch people have been using bikes for more than a century without mortal accidents. No more so today, at least once a week a dutch cyclist is killed by a brown car driver and a dutch judge will fine him a 100 euros.

What’s more, the dutch politicos are still at it, last week they approved to give 5 billion euros to today’s boss of Egypt, seigneur Morsi, a dedicated muslim who seeks the death of all Israelis and those that don’t believe in his religion. A few days ago an Egyptian woman was thrown into jail with her children because she had renounced the muslim religion and had become a christian. Not a clever thing to do with a master of evil as head of the country.

Political intelligence is more or less an oxymoron; proof is the US founding fathers’ statement that all humans are born equal. The greatest political idiocy ever proclaimed because of some kind of wishful and muddled thinking, which makes it doubtful that things will get better soon for Europe and the US. But I have an idea for my country, Holland. With a good deal of courage it could become the richest welfare country in the world.

The first elementary step is to get out of Europe and back to one of steadiest currencies, the dutch guilder, de gulden. Render Rotterdam and Amsterdam duty free harbours and provide plenty of space for international companies to establish themselves. Do away with VAT and limit tax on companies to a flat 15%. Install a 5% sales tax on all goods and do away with a lot of government and civil servants. Abolish social and medical security to be taken over by competing private insurance companies, carefully watched by the state. The people who have paid for state social security to be compensated. All immigrants unable to speak dutch to be sent back to their home countries. Idem for any immigrant found guilty of a misdemeanour. No more mosques to be built. Farmers to be consulted on the best way to use the agricultural land without subsidies. No country can function properly without an efficient farming population. Borders to be controlled and no more muslim immigrants allowed in. Preferably natural gas to be used for all power generation by private firms. With such a scenario Holland would be out of debt within 10 years with a contented population.

Islam. Most people still do not understand that Arabian muslim countries started to colonise Europe decades ago, financed by the rich oil countries. Before the oil wealth these muslim people were no trouble because, work to become rich, was not one of their incentives. However, arab oil wealth and their intolerant religion has now become a threat to western liberal ideas but most europeans have no idea of this. Ignorantly they called the happenings in North Africa the ‘Arab Spring’, not realising that it was a muslim call to war. To get involved in these jihads is utter foolishness but, never mind, the french socialist champion politicos are at it again.

Yeah, yeah, we’re all born equal and the human rights dreamers tell us that all the populations are equal also. Does that explain that a small country, Israel, with a few million inhabitants can withstand regally a hundred million muslim arabs? Indestructable jews must be more equal with their musicians, doctors, writers and scientists.

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