A few days ago appeared in a local French newspaper the picture of a fellow who proudly proclaimed that he had been a member of the team that tried to assassinate Charles de Gaulle and his wife in 1962. There he was, the 81-year-old bugger (ugly), very pleased with himself to get his picture in a newspaper. You’ve heard me talk about global insanity; this is another fine example of what is allowed to happen in profligate welfare countries. This fellow, a Hungarian, managed to escape a criminal charge in his home country and landed up in France in 1956 where he was looked after as a political asylum seeker.

The twelve assassins who wanted to murder de Gaulle and his wife were, as many of them, a bunch of incompetents. Of the hundreds of bullets fired, only 14 hit the General’s car although a few of them came quite near the targets. French police soon arrested the ‘would be’ assassins, the leader was shot and the rest were condemned to life imprisonment. In 1968, at the end of the General’s time, that whole bunch of murderers was paroled.

Charles de Gaulle saved France from total ignominy in 1940 when the French army under Maréchal Pétain concluded a cowardly pact with Hitler. Because of him France was not on the bench of the accused next to Germany when the war was finished. In 1958 Charles de Gaulle saved France once more, this time from an economical disaster. During the 10 years that de Gaulle was the boss of France, business flourished, the national debt diminished and the colonial wars were ended. For the first time in her long history, France had found an honest and pragmatic leader.

And 45 years later we have obscenely displayed in the “Telegramme” the photo of an Hungarian bastard, Lajos Marton, who proclaims that he’s proud of his tentative of murdering the General, that he would do it again, and who has been living for the last 60 years on the taxes of the French population. If I could, I’d shoot his 81year old head off.

If you think that’s quite horrible in the life of a hypocritical welfare state here I have some more French news.

A young woman has 4 children, all from different fathers who have disappeared. Number 5 ‘would be’ father has pitched up, broke as all the others. “Never mind,” says the young mama, “we’ll make a child and I’ll get paid by social security. That’s how I was born, ” the young lady adds, “my mother when she was 17 had no money and she got herself pregnant of me to collect money from the state.” 

Is it surprising that most European countries are as broke as Greece or worse? Here in South Africa we’re well on the way too. Our present finance minister has increased the national external debt fourfold since he took over from his predecessor.

“Hello, Europe, can we join the club?”

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  1. Thank you Nick for this very good read.

  2. Johann M says:

    Yes, seems you must just know all the tricks!

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