Well, the thing did do some damage, after all it was still a tropical storm since its demotion but for all the people that hoped that New York was going to be inundated, this Irene was a decided flop. Possibly the black president from that white house had something to do with it, after all he has to keep up his popularity ratings, a hard job if ever there was one. He had been sojourning around Martha’s Vineyard and if you don’t know where that is, it’s a bit of low land that sticks out from the yankee east coast into the Atlantic. Had he remained there and had Irene really flapped her 250 knot skirts at him, presidential elections of a drastically advanced nature might have taken place. Therefore, the man Osama, oops, I mean Obama prudently removed himself back to Washington. Such a nuisance, you know, the ‘s’ being so close to the ‘b’ on my keyboard.

          Anyway, he warned the american people from the safety of his white house, maybe he did some more with the help of family members, we can’t know but, proud and ocean bashing Irene turned into something like Paris Hilton in a bad mood. Of course, I’m not talking about things that might occur in Haiti, where once I met a girl who was called ‘Shark Eye Hetty from Haiti’, even so, the fact that our dear Obama’s uncle was picked up a bit further north of Washington, very happy but very pissed, so that the cops locked him up, might indicate that this gentleman was celebrating the outcome of a successful enterprise.

          Of course, flops are not difficult to find. I talked to a dutch friend a few days ago and he told me that you really had to admire the muslim people for the strength of their religious beliefs in enacting their month long fast during Ramadan. He was first surprised and then became annoyed because I was laughing so hard. “This is no joke,“ he protested, “this is a serious religious discussion!”

Once having my breath back, I explained that these people fasted only from sunrise to sunset and that, as soon as the sun was down these devout people stuffed themselves with excellent food prepared by their ladies who are known to be fine cooks. I don’t know about nocturnal fridge visits, we can but speculate.

My dutch friend’s admiration for religious fortitude flopped severely but when a few days later his financial securities started flopping he forgot about the muslims’ hardships. Like most people he had accepted more or less the crap that politicians and economists spout in unending streams, Obama leading the bullshitters. The fact that these kind of fellows have lead Europe and America into the biggest financial Flop the world has seen since Roman times, make these times mortally fascinating.

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