As I can only watch the Olympics on the SABC you can understand that I haven’t seen much of the efforts of all these athletes. Many of them appear to be ladies and gentlemen, others strike me as horrible braggarts where ‘I’ and ‘my’ is their universe. It surprises me that the Nationalist theme has been lit up like a blacksmith’s fire with the bellows being activated by bloated politicians and professional television nitwits. I find this still more remarkable as, particularly in the running disciplines, all European and Western nations would appear to be inhabited by black and brown champion populations. Having been born, although a long time ago, in one of these Western countries, I know that this is (still) not the case. Norway is a favourite country of mine and I was pleased to hear that one of their chaps had won a medal but when I saw the champ’s picture, a tall very black fellow, I did wonder why the Norwegian anthem had to be broadcast.

I think that Hitler was the bugger that in 1936 started politicising these games; the ‘Deutschland ueber Alles’ stuff and I find it a bad omen that this practice has continued by our global madness infected political ‘leaders’. That these political fellows in Britain have the nerve or the lunacy to borrow 20 or 30 billion of their pounds to stage this extravagance while stifling their only city that makes some money at times, I find fascinating. Britain is as broke and debt-ridden as the best of European countries but not even the taxpayers seem to moan.

As it would appear that these games are universally popular they will probably be continued in other debt-ridden countries but I would suggest simplifying the disciplines. About swimming I know quite a lot, as a youngster I got close to the one minute for the 100m. crawl or free style as it is called now. As this swimming method is the fastest that a human body can perform, why bother about backstroke, breaststroke and butterfly. As all athletic performances are remnants of the physical feats we had to perform during our hunting days, a mere ten thousand years ago, we should not mollycoddle. In performing the high jump, the performer falls with his backside on some lovely soft stuff. That lover’s bed ought to be replaced with a slab of rock and we might see some real jumpers. Same for the long jump, dig a ten meter hole, lined with some razor wire, no more fartarsing with a foot on the white strip.

Women’s wrestling and boxing I find disgusting, it destroys a woman’s dignity, yet women are obliged to know how to defend themselves in our more and more brutal world. Find the best defensive discipline, feet, hands and teeth allowed and see how many brave rapists you can find to tackle these ladies. It’ll be costly because the attacking sods will have to be paid. A must for a girl’s upbringing.

Throwing a discuss, a ball or a spear without aiming at a target doesn’t make any sense. It’s just as stupid as mr. Bolt with a wide-open trap proclaiming to the world that he’s the best, all because his mother gave him good legs and he had plenty of practice escaping police. A spear or any throwing projectile must be aimed to get game down and as we don’t have much game anymore, use pedophiles, rapists and such like as targets.

Anyway, there are undoubtedly many more ways to improve these games and at the same time reduce the costs. I suggest that they be held in Greece, every four years, naturally. The necessary infrastructure would remain, the participating countries would bear the building cost according to the medals they’ve picked up over the last 3-4 games and the Greeks will have something to construct instead of destroy. They could use the installations during off years to pay for the maintenance. Cape Town might even ask them to take its stadium away.

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  1. Johann M says:

    Makes you wonder when the next Olympics might be in the DRC, or maybe even hosted by Bob up North!

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