LukasjenkoLook at this picture. You would think that no one today has the audacity to have himself immortalised pictorially in such a fashion but this fellow, Lukasjenko, apparently, has other notions. He is the political boss of an outfit  called White Russia or Belarus and the way he carries on, he should be a great pal of Zimbabwean’s Mugabe. Possibly, skin colour might keep them apart.

This Luka..something told his(?) people that there’s nothing more unbearable than personal freedom and, had he not found that sentiment in one of Dostojewski’s books he could have written that phrase himself.

Us, south-africans should try to import this fellow to assist our president, poor old Zuma, who is so busy satisfying(?) his pod of wives that time for presiding is running short.

But then, presidents all over the place don’t seem to be presiding over a great deal, that one in America tells us that it is all right for poofters to marry. Halleluya!

PS. That wee king I told you about who likes to shoot elephants didn’t go and do that with his wifey. He does these things accompanied by one of his innumerable girlfriends who he was not allowed to have when supervised by Franco.

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  1. Barbara Stewart says:

    Leadership world wide is an impoverished doctrine usurped by greed and power and ego. Only two weeks ago, I addressed a group of female diplomats, ministers etc from Africa. Strong, powerful and empathetic educated women. The speaker before me was the Speaker of Parliament for Zimbabwe and the Chairman of SADEC. The Honourable gent decreed that women have no place in leadership or government because a) if they were single they had not yet attained a value – which of course only comes with a husband, b) once married, they belonged in service to both their husbands and their children and God Forbid the third c)divorced women have no place in leadership or government for they fail through this in being poor role models for society! I shall not use this forum to detail my response.

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