Margaret Thatcher is dead. She has been dead since her treacherous political party members managed to trap her into a hole stacked with poisoned spearheads She was a woman with clear ideas and convictions, she was not sufficiently wily to foresee mean political manipulations. She only had 10 years to make the UK function as the beginning of a profitable enterprise in between the reign of 2 poofters and the social catastrophe of socialism. Had De Gaulle and Thatcher been the leaders of their countries at the same time we would not have a buggered up Europe now. If you check out the external debt of these 2 countries you’ll find that during the respective 10 years these chiefs managed to govern, those debts diminished considerably. During that period my wife and I were independent traders in Europe and we only dealt with people that worked a lot and did not ask handouts from socialist governments. These entrepreneurial friends lauded Thatcher and De Gaulle whereas the trade union admirers moaned because they were expected to deliver some work at last.

At least, at the death of Mon General the frenchies did not desecrate his death, although many had hated him, they could not stop admiring the man but that is not the case in Margaret Thatcher’s death. I find it incredible that England hosts so many cowardly, useless and utterly lazy goodfornothings that dance and feast because of her demise. It tells me that that country has no backbone left and that the costly experiment of the welfare state has left a population of rudderless, demoralised and useless people that won’t have the courage to get the hell out of Bruxelles’ Europe.

In this country we also had a minister once who diminished the external debt, good old Trevor, but when he refused to borrow he was replaced by a Zulu king who needed a lot more money that a lean government could provide.

Zulu economics is as yet a science not taught at the south african universities but by the time that second hand, beg you pardon, previously owned bicycles will be the best transport available, that indigenous knowledge will be firmly established.


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