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Letter to Tony Weaver, employee of the Cape Times for unknown purposes.


          Yesterday we were treated to another one of your useless lamentations, this time on the plight of the rhino and elephant, apparently animals greatly loved by you. Why then, Tony, don’t you do a bloody thing to protect your beloved animals?

It’s no secret that Asiatic people are the driving factor behind the poachers as they are also the cause of whale slaughter and the destruction of our abalone (perlemoen) beds. You know that these Asiatics are insatiable as can be seen also by the  wholesale slaughter their fishing boats exercise worldwide. Not for them to worry about the future of the albatross, tuna or dolphin, they are the most ruthless hunters our world has ever produced. I know what I’m talking about, I saw the Japanese in action during WW2.

What is to stop you to start a campaign, an anti Chinese campaign? You’ll have right away a lot of support from our lovely Cape Coloured population whose textile industry has been totally wiped out by the real yellow danger from the East.

I’m lucky to have a wife who buys my shirts but it has become useless to ask her, ‘no chinese, please’ because nothing else can be found anymore in our patriotic shops and eff  the colourdjies in our black governed? country.

You, newspaper chappies, love the word ‘Slam’; bloody politicians are always slamming something or some one.

 There’s nothing to stop you to start a campaign slamming shops, importers, bribed politicians by the Chinese, to stop importing stuff that harm our industries. Stop all imports, cars, trucks, and computers until no more rhino and elephant are murdered. Slam the bloody politicians that flog fishing quotas to Chinese companies that do to our animal life what the Germans did to the Jews. You must know what happens in Mozambique where Asiatics buy cops or military fellows to go easy on poachers.

You have a newspaper, ink and paper. You must have courage also. Because you will need that to attack or remonstrate with the people of which you’re so proud to have helped into a position where they can steal legally and starve the rest of ‘their’ people. Mind you, you can’t have helped them a lot because the Boere didn’t bother to lock you up and so you can’t be a real African as one of the ANC big shots said the other day. No Robben Island, no bloody African varsity degree.

You must have heard about a weekly French newspaper, ’Le Canard Enchainé’. That wee 8 page paper exists about 100 years. It has taken out presidents, ruined fraudulent companies and never accepted publicity. Clever and courageous people run and write it and most of the time win their court cases. Honesty and courage in the form of a weekly paper has managed to exist in one of the most corrupt countries in the world. Can you believe it!? Your chances are good ,Tony.


                                                          Nicholas Dekker, capitaine au long cours.

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