Almost all governments on earth are totally corrupt. Possibly a few exceptions exist; Andorra, Liechtenstein and maybe Switzerland. We all have an idea how scientists, farmers, technicians and artisans become what they are through study and ability but how do children wax into politicians? Of course there are schools that teach political science, a money waster if ever there was one like many other totally useless BA tickets sold by universities. Having studied, worldwide, politicians for a good half century, I have come to the conclusion that this particular kind of human is born with innate capacity to fulfil his later role. There is always the influence of nurture and nature, which appears to be indispensable for the formation of an efficient farmer, but my studies have not revealed great nurture indications in the shaping of future politicians, except when the parents were politicians also.

Let us now examine what the capacities are of a successful politician. He or she must be presentable; Quasimodos do not need to present themselves.

A first requirement is great love of self (I will make no distinction between men and women as the characteristics are the same), a capacity to lie convincingly and a phenomenal insight how to promote self to further aggrandizement. As our politico advances on his wily ways his thirst for power becomes an obsession that cannot be slaked, he must dominate his surroundings, the people, and all sexual desires must be satisfied. If presidential status can be achieved, multiply the above by 10.

Professor Calland from the University of Cape Town (CT, Oct 2) thinks that our modern world presents such complex government that a president must have an understanding of his country to be an effective leader. I did not know that UCT indulged in a faculty of Naivety but I think the professor would do well to spend some time with Gibbon’s ‘Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire’ in order to check out complexities of government.

Professor, all that interests presidents is to remain president. To be literate, numerate or have a grasp of issues in the cabinet is of no consequence. Proof: All the past and present presidents of the USA, the UK and most of Europe. Exceptions: Only two in the previous century, Charles de Gaulle and Margaret Thatcher.

Many of the Western countries can hardly afford to have a narcissistic buffoon as president, for this country it is a disaster, as intelligent and science-based decisions have now to be taken to ensure our energy-power supply. The possible presence of underground oil/gas and its extraction is being debated by people that have no notion of today’s technology. Fracking is ancient technology, instead of poison and sand, propane can be used to liberate these hydrocarbons and another eco-friendly technology called Octopus appears to be 8x more effective than fracking.

Small nuclear power stations can now be bought of the shelf and delivered by truck. All you have to do is dig a hole, line it with concrete and install the thing. If one is not enough, buy a second one and make a point that these nuclear generators function with Thorium, more efficient and safer. It is said that one rand will pay one Kw/hour, which is more or less what we pay now.

It’s a shame but it seems doubtful whether this president’s cronies, who are busy propping up his next turn, can come up with an intelligent, workable solution to keep the lights burning.                                    Nicholas Dekker, De Kelders.

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