Old Joe Stalin’s last Laugh.


British taxpayers are going to fork out 20 million of their precious pounds to compensate abused Kenyan ‘Freedom fighters’ for the misery they suffered while murdering white farmers who fed them.

The newspaper shows us a picture of a young limey self-serving politician with a great dentist arranged laugh shaking hands with an old black murderer that miraculously has escaped death from hunger, assassination, aids or other mortal dangers in the enlightened state of Kenya.

This British High Commissioner, Christian Turner, whose father can’t even have been old enough to know anything about the devastating Mau Mau period of that ex British colony during the fifties where thousands of black and white people were butchered as a direct result of Joe Stalin’s efforts to destroy the colonial system in Africa.

Kenya was the first effort of indoctrination and armament of the African people by the greatest killer ever of the Russian people.

Convincing belligerent people that they are not free and that they must fight for their freedom is a political technique as old as humanity but only just after WW2 did it become possible to arm these people with cheap and very effective killing weapons, the AK47 machine gun. Now was not the time anymore when blacks were only armed with a stick with a piece of iron at the end as described by captain William King Hall when he transported British soldiers to fight the Xhosa War in South Africa. (See my book ‘Sink the Birkenhead’ chapter 19). Here was a weapon wherewith anyone could kill, maybe not one settler-one bullet, probably 200 bullets came closer but vastly more efficient then an assegai.

Stalin sent his handlangers all over Africa to invite future ‘freedomfighters’ to become indoctrinated in Moscow and receive promises that after black victory they would have the spoils of the country. That kind of propaganda in all its guises always finds candidates, in particular amongst the criminally minded. Be they underground resistance fighters against the Germans during WW2, rebels like Castro, Mau Mau in Kenya or French Algerians fighting de Gaulle, all such groups attract criminals like shit attracts flies.

Stalin, murderer and criminal numero uno knew this as no other and right after having bullshitted Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill into a disastrous peace, he sent his cohorts with ships full of AK47s into Africa where he succeeded in ruining that continent, possibly forever as long as humans continue to live there. Only the Boere in South Africa managed to resist this terrible onslaught until the Soviet Union was defeated in 1990 with the result that this country is now on its African way with a Moscow grown president.

His colleague in Kenya is also laughing, that young limey idiot has just presented him with twenty thousand pounds for no services rendered.

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