I’m having a good laugh these days reading the world’s hypocritical newspapers being much upset about dastard tax evaders and applauding thieving governments and deceitful banks trying to track these independent spirits that are clever enough to make a fair whack of money and don’t feel like nourishing ever hungry politicians with it.

A hundred years ago income tax hardly existed, industry began to flourish worldwide until bloody governments got us into wars aided with the enthusiasm of their zombie populations. These populations have now been so dumbed down that taxes are as normal to them as cancer, heart attack, stroke  and whatever other misery.

Of course, a lot of crooks get away with their boodle also but then, they’ve always done so and a great many of these crooks are of the governments’ making, like the drug peddlers.

Switzerland is the only country  still bravely trying to resist to the super-thieves of the US. They’ll probably manage the European idiots that are busy giving their countries away to twenty million (and more to come) good for nothing but murder muslims. Only in South Africa do we have a Muslim population that consists of hard working people that keep their religious notions more or less to themselves. Maybe they learned a thing or two from the Boere.

I may not know much about human nature but I’m sure no one likes to give the result of his labour away because that helps to ensure his/her well-being. The ones that profess to be ready to give their money to the poor and needy have bugger all to offer as they are incapable of productive work and therefore are more often on the poor and needy side.

However, the big joke is that the newspapers are kicking up a fuss against the tax dodgers. Do you think many of those newspaper owners became so stinking rich by paying taxes?

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