Our neighbour came in to lend me a book while I was reading a story about the origins of modern humanity. According to the latest research these origins would be in Africa, which didn’t surprise me at all. Where else? It’s evident that a big, benign continent is needed to either invent or evolve an entity like humanity. When I looked at my neighbour’s book, I saw it was a story about recent life conditions in Zimbabwe, written by Peter Godwin who was born there. Peter’s story is a tragic one describing the destruction of an economically functioning part of Africa where, formerly, no one starved and education became a possibility for all.

As I often read several books at the same time I noticed that in ‘African Exodus’, the origin of humanity book, the fossil diggers are always moaning that they cannot find enough archaeological ‘bone’ evidence for whatever hypothesis they are constructing. If there are any of such people left in a 100 000 years, digging holes in Africa, looking for bits of Homo bloody sapiens, they won’t be disappointed. All over this continent, once the benign mother that sheltered the spawning of the first clumsy two-footed future human, these fossil hunters will discover unbelievable quantities of human remains dumped into mass graves. From the Limpopo River to the Mediterranean Sea these great accumulations of human bones will be found and will undoubtedly cause great scientific discussions of how the people who left these whopping great piles of human remains behind came to their end.

Personally, I don’t think that even in a thousand years there’ll be any fossil diggers around, in my lifetime the human population has gone from two to seven billion and unless something totally unforeseeable happens, within a few more generations the human race will decline towards a swift extinction.

When I can see in my own lifetime that humans are totally incapable of learning from past social aberrant behaviour, I cannot arrive at any other conviction. I was born in the year of the beginning of the Great Depression during which time a snotty little fellow managed to take over the political leadership in Germany. These demagogues always use the same recipe; convince the population that an internal or external enemy exists that devours the wealth of the people. Germany’s Jews were Hitler’s bait for his bloody aryans and we all know how well he succeeded.

That story happened when I began to live my life and it had a profound effect on it. Now, towards the end of my life, an exactly similar story is playing out 2000 miles to the north of me, in Zimbabwe.

 Again, a snotty little fellow has managed to destroy the welfare of his people by ruining their agricultural lifeline and their health. This wee dictator did better than Hitler, he found two enemies for his loyal people, the whites and a black tribe, the Matabele. There were a hell of a lot more Matabele than whites therefore their mass graves are a lot bigger. Same size as Adolf, same little moustache, same way of using youngsters to intimidate the people, Hitler with his Hitlerjugend, Mugabe with his war veterans that never saw a war. Zimbabwe Bob Mugabe is black and may be that’s why he made a better job of his political career. Hitler’s balls up only lasted 12 years, ol’ Bob has been at it for more than thirty. The same kind of fellows have been at their murderous tricks since written history, Napoleon was another little sod, but the one thing that slowly changed our social world went by unnoticed.

Governments became more powerful and people were increasingly deprived by law and regulations of their initiative and sense of adventure. The French have a horrible word for the french people. The administration calls them, mostly for tax purposes, ‘les asujettis’, the subjugated ones! Why not slaves?

Anywhere in the world today you may think you own your house, because you paid for it. Don’t pay your rates for a couple of months, you’ll soon find out who owns your house.

According to research, a bunch of fairly modern humans left the african continent, where all humanity had originated, about a hundred thousand years ago. Some went east, some went west. Adventure was calling them because without the curiosity to find out what lies beyond the next horizon we would not be humans. Small groups of us infiltrated the world, from Europe to China and even to Australia. Through Siberia we invaded the Americas and wherever we went we slaughtered all the large animals such as mammoths and sabre tigers and rendered them extinct. Inventiveness kept us alive despite ice ages, droughts and natural calamities. We became the principal predator on earth as well as the first artists.

Bushmen in Southern Africa and Cro-Magnon men in european caves left us their oeuvres as proof of their talent. We became traders in flint, skins, pottery; in short, we started our capitalistic revolution, accentuated by our later invention of agriculture. Not only did we invent religion, we saddled ourselves with kings and governments.

Over the centuries we took over the whole of our mother planet, Gaia, and killed an amazing amount of animal life. We invented great ships and aeroplanes and even set foot on the moon. What do you know, hey!

And then we invented the rot that will be our demise. The Welfare State! That social aberration became the virus that killed our sense of adventure, enterprise and invention.

As sex became an ever greater recreation, humanity lost its balls.

Welfare state prattling nincompoops wrecked Europe financially and military spendthrifts performed the same function in America. Homosexuals take up the frontline of our useless newspapers and enterprise, making things for profit is looked down upon. Adventure: “Yes, I’ll go to sea…if you find me a sponsor. What! building my own boat…you must be crazy!”

Hopefuls think that our electronic inventions will revitalise our economies but if you can show me a bloody computer that produces food, I’ll believe you. Food, I’m talking about, not fodder. Good, efficient farmers have been driven off the land for the last fifty years and farmers cannot be made. They are born. The last human death-rattle will be accompanied by the puking of factory fodder.

And what happened to the african stay at homes of a thousand centuries ago? They’re doing well, thank you. Ask ol’Zimbabwe Bob.

Hereby a picture that shows better than all my blah, blah what the welfare state leads to.

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