I belong to a generation that was very aware of the cold war, which was the horrible nuclear bomb play who was going to be the biggest bully, America or the Soviet Union. The West Europeans took up with America and watched Soviet deserters try and find asylum in America. There were many, America gained the reputation of being the land of the free while the Soviet Union crumbled as a result of murder and political insanity.

Today, not even half a human generation later we find American citizens asking asylum from the robber boss of ex Soviet Union, Mr.Putin of Russia.

America, ex-land of the free, not being embarrassed anymore by the Soviet Union has turned out to be the biggest bully of all known history, imposing its military might where ever their defence companies and senators can find a profit. The amazing fact is that all this is produced with borrowed money because their thieving tax grabbers cannot produce sufficient revenue for the tens of trillions of dollars the State employs to keep their politicians in power.

Since that prime example of corruptness, president Nixon of America, liberated the american dollar from its intrinsic gold value whereby money disappeared into credit, aided and abetted by the worlds’ banks with credit cards, the value of those paper dollars became imaginary. Anything could be bought, all you needed was credit, value or assets were not needed. Plenty of people and companies bankrupted themselves with the imaginary capital of this worthless credit value but politicians, who live from OPM, Other People’s Money, kept increasing their countries debt for totally idiotic purposes including their own wish to be re-elected. Recently, a rare outspoken british politician deplored the amount of (borrowed) money his country donated to the ‘bongo bongo countries’ of Africa because all the black dictators spent it for their selfish selfs. He was reprimanded for ‘bongo’ racism but the fact that these black politicians usurped these credit funds for their personal benefit almost passed unnoticed despite the Daily Mail’s confirmations. Even our south african president, Zuma, was mentioned for his use of billions of OPM and donated money to build his private residence. He has 40 million illiterate voters that have been indoctrinated that black is best.

To my mind our world has become one of exaggerated values, in particular the sports

scene. The fuss that is made about these ball kickers is totally out of their intrinsic

 worth, they’re flogged from club to club like slaves used to be and we all know

about the vast amounts of money involved. The egos of these sports women and men

appear to be outrageous when you see  pictures of them as they yell their victories

 with wide-open beaks. Television of course, has blown up all these activities into

inflated capital dimensions by producers who appear most of the time to be illiterate.

It would seem that unmastered technology has taken over the over the world. When I

wanted to write a few books I soon realised that I would never get them published

from my longhand written pages. As I could not handle a typewriter I was obliged to

buy a computer although all I needed was a word processor but those things had

already become out of fashion. So now I have a machine of which I comprehend the

function by a possible half percent of its capacities and that annoys me hugely. As a

woodworker my tools are my friends, I know what I can do with them but with this computer I often have to fight. However, to find out something I don’t know the thing is wonderful, no encyclopaedia or dictionary comes near it and I depend on it more and more despite the vast quantity of nonsense that can also be found within its gigantic memory. But why the bloody thing has now decided to change alignment I haven’t got a clue.

Some aspects of sailing have also been modified by technology and I’m now talking about the famous America’s Cup Race. This race can only be won now by the richest sponsor, this year it’s the boss of Oracle the IT company who was the winner of the last race by beating a very rich Swiss chap. As he is now the defendant of the Cup he can change the rules and he has decided that this time the race must be sailed in very fast catamarans that carry sails like aeroplane wings. These craft are difficult to sail and can be quite dangerous, the crew wear hard hats like bikers and one has been killed during a capsize in sheltered waters near the shore of San Francisco. Evidently these are very pricey toys and only 3 challengers could be found to try and beat the American. One sponsor is a Swede who makes his money in mysterious deals with some of Putin’s oil dealing pals, the money from the Italian entry comes from the textile industry it is said, but…ja well.. and the third challenger is paid for by the Arab oil barons and crewed, would you believe it… by a bunch of Kiwis, undoubtedly because hard hats don’t fit over Arab headgear and getting wet after all that dry sand is not pleasant either. The profits from technology have now produced the most expensive boats ever, that can only be sailed by highly trained athletes in protective gear and as a sea-going boat is totally useless.

But you’ll be able to watch it on the telly!

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  1. Jack says:

    For once, I fully agree with you Nick, not often, but as you see it happens.

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