A new word invented by Jean d’Ormesson of the Académie française.

 “Inaptocracy: A system of government whereby those least able to govern are elected by those least able to produce and where the other members of society the least able to provide for themselves are recompensed by the assets and services that have been confiscated from the wealth of productive people whose number is in continuous depletion.” (My translation)

 I will use Jean’s ‘inaptocracy’ as an explanation for Prof Clive Napier, political scientist, Unisa. Already I had been surprised by professor Richard Calland’s naiveté when he tells us that presidents should understand the art of governing and now professor Clive Napier shows a similar tendency by stating that leaders should learn from political science. (BR, Oct. 14)

I never mentioned ‘leaders’ in a political context. Leaders may exist as a captain of a ship or as director of a company but in the political world they do not exist. In politics, the only actors are politicians and the only complexities in which they show mastership is how to increase their power over people and personal finance. Do you really think, professor Napier, that Messrs Zuma, Clinton, Blair, Hollande, Bush, Obama, etc., etc. ever bothered with BA degrees of this or that?

Dear professor, scheming, plotting and conspiracy is the name of their game.

 PS. Personally I prefer the word ‘Kleptocracy’ over ‘Inaptocracy’ as politicians are extremely adapt in the thieving game.


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