There’s a fellow living in Spain called Juan Carlos. He’s the king of the Spaniards, appointed by that murderer Franco in the 1970’s. The chap’s never did anything noteworthy, except shooting dead his younger brother Alfonso at the age of eighteen. He never went to jail for that as many stories attested to an accidental killing. Had it been an accident you would think that this Juan wouldn’t be too keen on firearms but his behaviour doesn’t show that. Very keen on the military thing with gaudy gold-leafed uniforms and guns of course, living a lifestyle paid for by other people’s money. Despite getting on a bit in age this king decided a few weeks ago to take a trip to Botswana as he felt an urge to shoot dead an elephant. His brother’s death was more than 50 years in the past and so him and his wifey, plus a lot of money to pay for the killing privilege, went out into the bush and shot a big tusker who thought to be protected in a game park. Elephants know bugger-all about money and still less about Spanish kings. Happy about his achievement he had himself photographed with his wifey carrying both big guns in front of the dead elephant slumped against a tree. Olé, olé, I wonder whether he attributed himself the elephant’s ears. And then, the silly old bugger, a bit stiff from the picture pose, he fell and broke his hip! Without this fracture we probably wouldn’t have known about this elephant murder.

Not only is this fellow king of Spain, he’s also chief of the army and navy and the love of guns seems to be a family thing as one of his grand sons shot himself in the foot recently. But then, royalty has never been very astute for anything.

It appears that the Spaniards rather like this Juan Carlos but then, they like bull-fighting also.

In Europe there’s still a lot of this royalty, multiplying like Australian rabbits. In Holland there was one, prince Bernhard who also liked shooting animals but not for the pot, I think. He also was a crook and had he not been the queen’s hubby he would have landed up in jail.

A lot of that royalty was spawned in North Germany and, trust the jerries, all for export purposes, Holland and England have always been full of them. Queen Lizzie’s Philip became very pissed off when his new wife didn’t want to take his name  ‘Mountbatten’, which is the translation from the german ‘Battenberg’. She preferred to remain a Windsor.

Yes, well, global insanity is still faithfully with us, from royalty to idiot journalists that would do better to compost their stories. This time they blame a firm Wal-Mart for having paid bribes in Mexico in order to set up shops. Illegal, immoral, they should be heavily fined, are some of the words they use but these hacks don’t seem to have the foggiest notion of how governments impose decrees and regulations that can only be overcome by paying bribes, which is the ultimate purpose of these decrees anyway. Silly stock exchange plodders sold their Wal-Mart shares, quickly picked up by smarter investors. In Mexico this form of government has been elevated to a fine art but the rest of the world is close behind. I wonder how many ministers Wal-Mart had to bribe to set foot in South Africa.

(Google king juan and elephant to see pictures of clumsy slaughterer.)

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