Ocean Advocate front coverOCEAN ADVOCATE
Nicholas Dekker

All the campaigns of ‘Save the dolphins, albatrosses, whales´ have made people aware of the plight of these animals but have not saved a single life. My friend Jeff decides to take drastic measures against plundering fishing boats. He builds a 32 meter sailing trimaran that can attain speeds of more than 40 knots and is invisible to radar. He equips this craft with a small rocket launcher that can blow off the propellers of any motor driven craft. He unites a good crew and goes to sea in the Southern Ocean to disable all fishing boats that are guilty of killing birds, mutilating sharks, illegal fishing and whaling. His campaign is successful and the rate of wanton destruction diminishes.
Nicholas D.


I´m a seaman who lives at the end of the African continent where the Southern Ocean begins. As a young man, I spent two seasons whaling. I´ve caught fish with lines, nets and spear guns. As I grew older I left motorized vessels for sailing craft and I learned more of what happened on and in the oceans. Therefore I didn´t need much imagination to write this story. The plunder of the seas is well documented. I did not have to invent the people that live in my book. During my years at sea I met similar characters. The main actor in my tale, the sailing craft ‘Stealth’ is like a dozen craft that exist today. She could easily be built in any good shipyard. However, my imagination does take off at times to become wishful thinking. Imagination then gets the better of me …. maybe … somehow … one day … somebody might make my book into a true story.
Nicholas D. De Kelders, Gansbaai

Ocean Advocate by Nicholas Dekker
ISBN: 0-620-37477-2
eBook [PDF 322 pages]
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Ocean Advocate by Nicholas Dekker
ISBN: 0-620-37477-2
Paperback [284 pages]
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